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Get Started Saving Food – How to Save with Mylar

Learn how to properly save rice and other dried foods for long term storage Check out our Amazon lists for an affordable start to saving food! We...

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United States Food Inflation

Cost of food in the United States increased 2 percent in February of 2019 over the same month in the previous year. Food Inflation...

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Your Brain & Magnetic Fields / Sun’s Role in Climate Change

Today we cover two interesting scientific studies. The Global Warming Policy Foundation alongside Henrik Svensmark reveal that the solar influence on climate is much larger...

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Green New Deal Vote – Glaciers Growing Lots to report! GSM News – The Grand Solar Minimum Channel

GSM NEWS – View our live show here @9PM :EST Solar wind speed: 353.0 km/sec density: 20.0 protons/cm3 more data: ACE, DSCOVR Updated: Today at 2349 UT GSM WORLD NEWS At least 18 killed, more than 90...

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New GSM Shirt Al Gore Climate Hoaxer

Hot off the presses!   The latest GSM HERE! <<CLICK>>

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