Mega Rain In Hawaii !!

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Insert from An upper level low west of Kauai and ample deep moisture have worked together to produce record-shattering rains in parts of Hawaii over the weekend. At least two homes were swept away by raging floodwaters and dozens more damaged. The hardest-hit area is between Hanalei and Haena. There are no reports of deaths or injuries at this time. 


This is a very impressive record that was broken over the weekend in Hanalei and Haena, Hawaii. Over 27 inches of rain fell in a 24 hour period ,shattering a previous record set of 12.52 inches in March of 2012 ,also broke a two day record as well of 24 inches from the same weather event. It has been reported that two homes were completely wiped off of its foundation as dozens of homes have been damaged or flooded. Governor David Ige has declared a state of emergency.

Mudslides have blocked many roads and highways as rods remain close in areas. The island is also dealing with Major flooding plus power and water outages. At least 40 people re staying in shelters at this point in time. Also,The Hanalei River was at 4.49 m (14.76 feet) early Sunday morning, well above the 2.3 m (7.7 foot) flood stage.

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Ice Ice April?

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Insert from :A powerful ice storm brought freezing rain and ice pellets to much of southern Ontario on April 14 – 15, causing power outages, fallen trees, flooding and an ‘almost unprecedented’ over 1600 collisions on slippery Toronto-area roads.

We had one hell of a weekend here in the northeast! First we started Friday with moderate rain, gears then quickly shifted on Saturday changing from rain to freezing rain. The ice accumulated through the evening here in Buffalo and overnight as well. It looks like our neighbors up north got the worst of this. Even though we were supposed to get a half inch of ice ourselves here in b=Buffalo, There  were over 100k people without power and over 1600 vehicle crashes also reported in the Ontario area.  No power outages to report here in Buffalo as city officials worked feverishly to get tree limbs trimmed back from power lines to help minimize power outages.

Rain has been the story here in western new York and Ontario. Over 2.50 inches fell in Ontario leading to floods and uprooted trees. Also high winds snapped power lines and trees as well. As this system wraps up (Xanto), western New York and company are now dealing with snow . The snow won’t stick around as temps have only hit the freezing mark for only a few hours. Side note: once again, The Royals baseball team has been affected once again as their game against the Toronto Blue Jays has been cancelled due to falling ice around the stadium.

Thankfully. we have limited precip to deal with here in the north eastern U.S for the rest of his week, but it is April and rain and thunderstorms are inevitable ..

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Watch out for fake news!

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Sun with magnetic field lines (NASA/SDO)

3 Holes Just Opened on The Sun, And Earth Is Being Slammed With Geomagnetic Storms

Here’s what you need to know.

So much fake news on the internet and there is no end in sight. Its bad enough that we see so many people lying to the public about man made global warming, Now we see articles like this. Click bait or lack of understanding? I hope its a lack of under standing. In this article here, which I will leave the link below, this writer claims that the sun had 3 coronal holes that had just opened up and will smash the earth with Geomagnetic storms.

First I’ll address the 3 coronal holes. In the sdo photo they use dated the 4th of April 2018, they point to the coronal hole that’s affecting earth now and the other two holes were at the north and south poles of the sun, so to speak. The coronal holes at the top and bottom of the sun did not just open up. I don’t think ive seen them ever close up in my time of researching this topic, plus, those two coronal holes do not affect the earth like the earth facing (equatorial region) coronal hole. Only coronal holes in the equatorial region affect earths magnetic field. The severity of the geomagnetic storm matters the most when it comes to what kind of damage a G1 through  G5 can do. (please see video on ranking geomagnetic storms .

As for the earth getting slammed by these storms? The G1 came and went the day before that this article was wrote. There is a 50% chance today for a G1 type storm but as of right now(4/12/18 11:30am), our KP is at a 2 and we need to be at a KP of 5 to see a minor G1 storm as also discussed in Mari’s video that i left the link for. Its a shame that this author doesn’t understand space weather because others like her will probably be concerned when reading this headline. But fear not. if ever in doubt of what class storm we are in, just go to there you will see what the KP is sitting at real time. Websites like are here to educate and understand the changes that are coming. Please review our resources on our links and there you will find the data that we report.

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Extreme weather to blame for lost profit..


This winter was a harsh one when it came to the cost of heating. In late December and early January, National Grid issued a supply issue alert and urging customers to use less natural gas, turn your heat down five degrees etc… The alert was over within 16 hours but since then we have seen this alert again.

Here in the Buffalo area, winter is still here at night and through the day as of April 12th 2018. That only means that the furnace stays on longer than usual and that alone raises millions of homes budget’s when it comes to energy to keep you and your family warm. National Grid is warning investors of a possible slimmer bottom line than normal because of the long lasting winter, not only here but our friends across the pond as well felt a harsh winter.

This raises a serious concern because the answer that National Grid has for its customers is “we need to use less in the near future and beyond”.

This tells me as these winters continue to get worse each year, we will also continue to see these supply shortage alerts and rising cost to heat your home. Now is the time to start thinking about next winter and we how  can heat our homes more efficiently and effectively .

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Wood stove bans should be lifted.

Many of us lately have been thinking about how are we going to stay warm during a power outage or worse, a power grid failure? There is a claim out there that these wood stoves might affect the climate more than you think because of the type of C02 that these stoves emit. .  The reality is that wood stoves, vented properly, are going to be the best way to heat your home during those winter months.

The hope is here in the very near future is that we see  carbon taxes and other regulations go away since Donald J Trump took us out of the Paris accord. A report came out not too long ago that only 8 countries are in range of following the stipulations and meeting regulations. Also, globally , C02 has risen 1.7% since putting the Paris accord in place October of 2016.

These measure that were put in place were supposed to cut back on man made C02 and I think the results are telling it all. Man does not affect the climate. You can ban all of the coal and oil and wood stoves all you want. C02 rise is natural and can not be stopped. But when it comes to keeping warm with no power, its definitely wood stoves that will do the job with proper installation. Again, before people freeze to death because of this useless regulation, Remove the ban on Wood Stoves!!

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Indiana Smashes April 1st snow records!

This was an honorable mention type story. On April 1st 2018, Indiana broke a snowfall record dating back to 1924 of 2″. Places like West Lafayette and Rossville had as much as 6″ fall while Lebanon,Indiana Received 4″ and 2″ in Indianapolis. Clink the link below for more on the snowfall plus a look ahead for severe weather in Indiana expected today into this evening.

PHOTOS | Easter ends with record-breaking snow in central Indiana

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27 degree temperature drop in 1 hour!


Baby its cold outside!!! BRRRR!!! Temperatures dropped  nearly 27 degrees F in Cardston, Canada. This was from a cold front that passed through the southwest province early morning on March 31st 2018 !

Grande Prairie dropped to -30 °C (-22 °F) overnight breaking an 83-year-old record. Pincher Creek hit -21 °C (-5.8 °F), edging an 82-year record, and Red Deer hit -22 °C (-7.6 °F), breaking a record low of -19.4 °C (-2.92 °F) that was set in 1975.

This is insane to see these kind of temperature records being broken in April and as you see, records are almost 90 years old. here is an insert from the article and the link to the article featured here:

A number of weather warnings and special weather statements were issued across the province, including snowfall warnings.

Places like Jasper National Park saw between 15 to 20 cm  (5.9 – 7.87 inches) of snowfall from 29 – 31 March, while some local ski hills saw even more.

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Good news for Portugal! Drought officially over!!


It has been reported that 84% of Portugal has been in an extreme drought. Officials in Portugal now say that has ended thanks to this past march being the second wettest March on record.(1931) 10.73″ of rain had fallen in the month of March. Thats 4x’s the monthly average there!

The extreme drought started in early 2017 and hadn’t seen a drought like this since 2005. Out of 60 reservoirs monitored,  32 are at 80% or more capacity. Only three are below 40%, compared to 23 in that state last month.The Monto Novo reservoir, one of the region’s largest, went from below 30% capacity on February 28 to full by March 10.

Click the link below for the full article at

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Breaking!! New eruption starts at Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion


I just reported this morning that we currently have 31 active volcanoes… Make that 32.

A new effusive eruption started at Piton de La Fournaise volcano in Reunion at 06:40 UTC on April 3, 2018. The Alert Level was raised to 2-2 and the Aviation Color Code to Orange.

More than 150 eruptions have occurred since the 17th century. Eruptions from 1708, 1774, 1776, 1800, 1977, and 1986, have originated from fissures on the outer flanks of the caldera. Go to the link below for full details on this new eruption as information is breaking at this time (12:53pm est):


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More April snow!!!


From Gfs model

Don’t put away those winter coats and snow boots just yet! Oldman winter is going to have to be evicted it seems as we are looking at a weather map for April 6,2018. As you can see, there is a wide swath of snowfall expected across the United States. Some of us here in the Northeast are looking at 3 snowfall chances in the next 7-10 days. Temperatures will be cold enough to support snowfall but ground temps are not as cold, so anything that does fall, will have a tough time accumulating on streets and side walks. Many in the Northern plains however, have seen a late burst of snowfall and cold temps that should support accumulation and possible travel disruptions. Stay tuned to the grand solar minimum channel for continuous updates on this forecast  that almost seems to change on a daily basis. Crops are already delayed because of flooding, but lets not forget that we still need warmer temps for these seeds to do their thing in the fields all over the region. Welcome to the grand solar minimum…….

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