More April snow!!!


From Gfs model

Don’t put away those winter coats and snow boots just yet! Oldman winter is going to have to be evicted it seems as we are looking at a weather map for April 6,2018. As you can see, there is a wide swath of snowfall expected across the United States. Some of us here in the Northeast are looking at 3 snowfall chances in the next 7-10 days. Temperatures will be cold enough to support snowfall but ground temps are not as cold, so anything that does fall, will have a tough time accumulating on streets and side walks. Many in the Northern plains however, have seen a late burst of snowfall and cold temps that should support accumulation and possible travel disruptions. Stay tuned to the grand solar minimum channel for continuous updates on this forecast  that almost seems to change on a daily basis. Crops are already delayed because of flooding, but lets not forget that we still need warmer temps for these seeds to do their thing in the fields all over the region. Welcome to the grand solar minimum…….

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March is up slightly to +0.24 C


graph by Dr. Roy Spencer

Its that time of the month again! No not that time…. March numbers are in and the temperature rose 0 .04 C. Not much of a rise but the trend is still clear. We have continued to inch closer to that baseline of 0.0 C since Feb. 2016 when we peaked at +0.88. As it stands now, we are sitting at a +0.24 C. That number is up from +0.20 C in February 2018 (down 0.68 C from Feb.2016). We had a slight peak in October of 2017 when values surged to +0.63 C after summer months ranged from +0.21-+0.43 C. Since that peak, the value has went down 0.39 C. With temps forecast  here in the states to be well below average in much of the northern plains ,mid-west and  the northeast,it should be interesting to compare the numbers from this spring and summer from last year. As I have said, all indications are showing more cooling on the way in this very early point of the Grand Solar Minimum.

Take a look at the entire article here:

UAH Global Temperature Updated for March, 2018: +0.24 deg. C

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Russian Submarine gets stuck in melting arctic ice………….

I’m just going to leave this here for everyone to read. Remember how people like Paul Beckwith keeps saying that the ice is thinning at the arctic.. This submarine was designed to break up ice as thick as 2.5 meters.

US nuclear submarine gets stuck in Arctic ice, _deterring the Russians_ – Fort Russ

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Global Cooling

image pulled from

Robert Felix is another person that we highly recommend. From his website,, here is an article that clearly shows that February was cooler in many spots, He is also claiming that we are seeing continental cooling happening right before our eyes. The link is below:

Continental Cooling


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More MsM coverage for Gsm!


This is a book that is featured in an article by Forbes written by Simon Constable. The author of the book, Arnab Rai Choudhuri, has basically confirmed that more sunspots means warmer temps and fewer to zero spots means cooling temps. Here is a quote from the article about the author:

“It’s worth pointing out that the book’s author, who is a professor of physics at the Indian Institute of Science, is nothing if not honest about the vast number of unknowns in the field of solar physics.”

This article goes on to talk about how this up coming grand solar minimum can effect the economy and crop loss .  This proves my point about when it matters to MsM, when their investments are in danger. Its also obvious that this article is only being targeted to a certain class. Mari brought this to me and I think that everyone of every class should see this. Don’t tell me that GSM is fake. Its just sad how money was the reason for the mention and not how we can sustain during the grand solar minimum to make us stronger for the future.

Here is the link to the article on Forbes:

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Please watch this video. Paul Beckwith claims that people who promote gsm are fraudulent … good stuff here…. This guy doesn’t have a clue…

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Co2 does not drive the climate



Robert Felix
Graph was obtained from


Check out an article on . Here you will find a video by Dr Chuck Weise ,who has a degree in “atmospheric science”, that gives us a presentation about the Man made lie about man made global warming. In a recent petition that has been signed by 31,000 scientist, these words were found quoted :

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will…cause catastrophic heating of the earth’s atmosphere.”

Robert Felix is an author as well and comes highly recommend when it come to the truth about our climate. Please go to his website and check out his content at and more on this presentation just mentioned.

Fraud – Man-Made Climate Change & CO2 – Video

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MSM is finally acknowledging the Grand Solar Minimum



This article was featured on in their science section. Although they acknowledge that we are heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, they are still sticking to the script that the Grand Solar Minimum will slow down global warming, but not stop it. Well of course. The sun goes through cycles of warming and cooling! We have to read between the lines here.

When MsM says that the grand minimum will cool, but wont stop global warming, they are stating the obvious. Nothing will stop these cycles from happening. We will always warm and cool. Its a fact. So I think this is such a vague statement. Its like saying day light wont stop the night.

This is also an obvious “nothing to see here folks” attempt by MSM. The fact that they are finally confirming the Grand Solar Minimum is here, is huge news! Here is the link :

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For those of you who think the north pole is melting


Here lately, there is a lot of rumors and fake news about the sea ice disappearing. I found this article on Im hoping that papers like this will put this nonsense to bed about sea ice melting in the north. We had a freak occurrence with the temps in the arctic and now it is being spun as if the north pole is melting. Just go to Earth Null and look at surface temps and i promise you that they are well below freezing. Go to NoTRICKZONE Check them out.

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Get ready for Quinn


Ready or not , here comes Quinn. Millions were affected by Riley and clean up has barley begun. Its still early but the models are showing that this storm will make its way to the east coast by Wednesday- Thursday. Here is the latest on winter storm Quinn.

This winter storm is being fueled by a potent southward dip in the jet stream that has been dumping heavy snow over the Mountain West the last several days. That plunge of the jet stream will now march eastward across the rest of the country this week.

Winter Storm Quinn will punch out of the Rockies early this week, producing blizzard conditions in the northern Plains and spreading snow and wind through the upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

Quinn will also bring snow to the Northeast by midweek as a coastal low-pressure system develops.  Here is the link to the full article from

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