More seismic activity at Yellowstone….


Another story breaks about seismic activity in Yellowstone and of course there are scientist rushing to the internet to tell us not to worry.. Knowing what we all know we are heading into(grand solar minimum), this is and always will be something to watch. We all know the consequences of an eruption from Yellowstone, 2/3 of the country would be wiped out and a very deep cooling trend will begin for sure.

So whenever we see an article about uptick in seismic activity at Yellowstone, if its not a big deal then why write about it? Is the media trying to keep our frequency low? Thats just my take. Here is an article from the :

Another seismic swarm is taking place at Yellowstone National Park since February 8, 2018. The swarm started with just a few events per day and intensified on February 15. Earthquake swarms like this account for more than 50% of the seismic activity at Yellowstone, the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory said, adding that no volcanic activity has occurred from any past such events.


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Wanna see what volcanic ash does to crops?


As you can see, volcanic ash can be fatal to crops and other forms of life. Right now we have 36 active volcanoes and we really officially began the solar cycle 25 where the GSM begins to really settle in. If you have enough of these taking out local crops, think about what happens when one or two of these major volcanoes erupts.

We all know that the 1815 eruption at Tambora brought us a year with no summer and 3 years of additional cooling to the region. So, we are starting to see this with our own eyes and articles like this, are becoming more frequent. Here is an article from explaining the image above:

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Here is your Presidents day update!!

Today we did an update on our space weather, TSI and the flood concerns we have in the mid-west and eastern parts of the U.S. It will be a soaker for the next 6-8 days in the Indiana,Illinois, Missouri,Ohio,Kentucky and Tennessee to name a few. Pennsylvania and west Virginia will see some action as well in the late part of next week.

Our TSI has been slowly but steadily dropping over the past two weeks. Today I reported it at 1360.900. It has been slowly tumbling from 1361.112 down to 1360.900 as of 02-11-2018. Here is the link to our show today:

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Does MsM downplay or over hype weather systems?

Too many times we hear new weather terminology and names for winter storms now. Now the new weather terminology I get, there is new research being done everyday and we are discovering new things in a fast pace. My curiosity lies where we start naming winter weather storms.

Perhaps it could be that the reason for the naming of these systems is because they are more intense than ever before. Records started falling in the beginning of 2016, but 2017 has had more widespread events and was a year to remember. A record 306 billion dollar loss because of extreme weather events , was the highest cost in the history of our country!

2018 has not disappointed weather enthusiast, as records for cold temps and snow fall have been broken here in the U.S and Europe. But there are times when these MsM weather guys start naming storms, That they could be over doing it a touch. Why? Because they have never seen what they are seeing now and that these weather systems are not as predictable as they once were.

Is the Grand Solar Minimum related to these intense weather systems? Absolutely!! With our weak magnetosphere allowing more cosmic rays into our atmosphere, cosmic galactic rays are highly charged particles that provide the substance in a rain drop, snowflakes and of course the cloud coverage becomes increased as well. Add in dropping TSI rates and now your have the ingredients for global cooling. But dont take it from me only. Do your own research at your own pace so you understand better. Once you start seeing the data, you will realize that the climate is changing and will continue to do so in the decades to come…


J. Riley

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