Please watch this video. Paul Beckwith claims that people who promote gsm are fraudulent … good stuff here…. This guy doesn’t have a clue…

Co2 does not drive the climate



Robert Felix
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Check out an article on . Here you will find a video by Dr Chuck Weise ,who has a degree in “atmospheric science”, that gives us a presentation about the Man made lie about man made global warming. In a recent petition that has been signed by 31,000 scientist, these words were found quoted :

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will…cause catastrophic heating of the earth’s atmosphere.”

Robert Felix is an author as well and comes highly recommend when it come to the truth about our climate. Please go to his website and check out his content at and more on this presentation just mentioned.

Fraud – Man-Made Climate Change & CO2 – Video

Not fake news!

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These days, we run into a lot of fake news. It’s getting ridiculous. However, we can definitely vouch for Today, they featured an article about the online frenzy on a massive solar storm to hit earth on the 18th – 20th. I had a subscriber tell me that Russian scientist were predicting G-5 class geomagnetic storms. Mari and I immediately started to vet this information. We found no evidence that this was going to happen. Later that subscriber messaged back and he had told me that he also vetted the information a little deeper and also came to that conclusion. Innocent mistake. reports on extreme events worldwide but this website cares about integrity. They are not trying to scare for profit, They are reporting events that do not get any attention in the MSM so that people are aware of the changes of our planet. does not believe in sensationalizing these headlines because the raw data of the articles speaks volumes. So, I’d like to believe that this is a website that will always be truthful and accurate with their reports. Here is the link to the article assuring us that we are not going to get blasted by a massive solar storm. it also features a video by Dr. Tamitha Skov. ( who has a very good understanding of our sun and its behavior )

16 dead, 140 injured Super Charged Lightning

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A single lightning strike killed 16 and injured 140 at a church in Rwanda, Africa (Seventh day Adventist). 14 had died on the spot and two more died later at the hospital. Out of the 140 injured only 3 are in critical condition, but improving. Now this happened on March 10th  2018 but the mayor had also reported that a similar event took place on March 9th 2018 and struck a group of students , killing one. These lightning strikes have gotten worse since 2016

This lightning event is possible due to our weak magnetosphere that allows more highly charged particles into our atmosphere .Rwanda is known for these lightning events but are starting to happen more often at a much powerful rate. Rwanda is a mountainous region and its been theorized that mountains were created by plasma over a period of time hundreds of thousands of years ago due to massive lightning strikes.The question is, are we going to see the kind of lightning that we saw during the ancient times that help shape our planet to what it is now. If so, get ready for more changes as it is already happening. Here is the link to the article :

Black death and Abrupt earth changes of the 14th century

A while back, we interviewed Sacha Dobler. His website is and is chock full of information. His e-book “Black death and Abrupt earth changes in the 14th century” covers the climate, the black death much more historical data from the 14th century. The interesting question it raises is that are illness like the black death connected to these Grand solar minimums. Some of is research says yes… To a degree… Here is the link to his e-book and is highly recommended.

Rain event compared to a storm from the last solar minimum

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This is the third time in 2018 that I have reported on a rain event in Australia that brought at least 16+inches of rain in a 24 hour period. Just like here in the United states last summer ,where we saw three major hurricanes  dump heavy amounts of rain. This will continue in other parts of the world throughout 2018 and beyond. No more soft landings. Things are changing fast and crop loss is also accelerating as well. The more we continue to flood like we have in regions throughout the world (not just in the U.S) the more likely chances of a price spike in our food. After that it will be the shortages that we will deal with until it gets to the point where we will have to grow indoors(vertical) and raise livestock mostly indoors as well too. We have the brains to adapt to the Grand Solar minimum, now we have to get to work.

Here is the link to the article at

MSM is finally acknowledging the Grand Solar Minimum



This article was featured on in their science section. Although they acknowledge that we are heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, they are still sticking to the script that the Grand Solar Minimum will slow down global warming, but not stop it. Well of course. The sun goes through cycles of warming and cooling! We have to read between the lines here.

When MsM says that the grand minimum will cool, but wont stop global warming, they are stating the obvious. Nothing will stop these cycles from happening. We will always warm and cool. Its a fact. So I think this is such a vague statement. Its like saying day light wont stop the night.

This is also an obvious “nothing to see here folks” attempt by MSM. The fact that they are finally confirming the Grand Solar Minimum is here, is huge news! Here is the link :

For those of you who think the north pole is melting


Here lately, there is a lot of rumors and fake news about the sea ice disappearing. I found this article on Im hoping that papers like this will put this nonsense to bed about sea ice melting in the north. We had a freak occurrence with the temps in the arctic and now it is being spun as if the north pole is melting. Just go to Earth Null and look at surface temps and i promise you that they are well below freezing. Go to NoTRICKZONE Check them out.