16 dead, 140 injured Super Charged Lightning

photo : watchers.news

A single lightning strike killed 16 and injured 140 at a church in Rwanda, Africa (Seventh day Adventist). 14 had died on the spot and two more died later at the hospital. Out of the 140 injured only 3 are in critical condition, but improving. Now this happened on March 10th  2018 but the mayor had also reported that a similar event took place on March 9th 2018 and struck a group of students , killing one. These lightning strikes have gotten worse since 2016

This lightning event is possible due to our weak magnetosphere that allows more highly charged particles into our atmosphere .Rwanda is known for these lightning events but are starting to happen more often at a much powerful rate. Rwanda is a mountainous region and its been theorized that mountains were created by plasma over a period of time hundreds of thousands of years ago due to massive lightning strikes.The question is, are we going to see the kind of lightning that we saw during the ancient times that help shape our planet to what it is now. If so, get ready for more changes as it is already happening. Here is the link to the article :


Black death and Abrupt earth changes of the 14th century

A while back, we interviewed Sacha Dobler. His website is abruptearthchanges.com and is chock full of information. His e-book “Black death and Abrupt earth changes in the 14th century” covers the climate, the black death much more historical data from the 14th century. The interesting question it raises is that are illness like the black death connected to these Grand solar minimums. Some of is research says yes… To a degree… Here is the link to his e-book and is highly recommended.


Rain event compared to a storm from the last solar minimum

Photo credit ; watchers.news


This is the third time in 2018 that I have reported on a rain event in Australia that brought at least 16+inches of rain in a 24 hour period. Just like here in the United states last summer ,where we saw three major hurricanes  dump heavy amounts of rain. This will continue in other parts of the world throughout 2018 and beyond. No more soft landings. Things are changing fast and crop loss is also accelerating as well. The more we continue to flood like we have in regions throughout the world (not just in the U.S) the more likely chances of a price spike in our food. After that it will be the shortages that we will deal with until it gets to the point where we will have to grow indoors(vertical) and raise livestock mostly indoors as well too. We have the brains to adapt to the Grand Solar minimum, now we have to get to work.

Here is the link to the article at watchers.news:  https://watchers.news/2018/03/10/major-flooding-hits-queensland-comparable-to-2009-flood-event/

MSM is finally acknowledging the Grand Solar Minimum



This article was featured on Foxnews.com in their science section. Although they acknowledge that we are heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, they are still sticking to the script that the Grand Solar Minimum will slow down global warming, but not stop it. Well of course. The sun goes through cycles of warming and cooling! We have to read between the lines here.

When MsM says that the grand minimum will cool, but wont stop global warming, they are stating the obvious. Nothing will stop these cycles from happening. We will always warm and cool. Its a fact. So I think this is such a vague statement. Its like saying day light wont stop the night.

This is also an obvious “nothing to see here folks” attempt by MSM. The fact that they are finally confirming the Grand Solar Minimum is here, is huge news! Here is the link :


For those of you who think the north pole is melting


Here lately, there is a lot of rumors and fake news about the sea ice disappearing. I found this article on notrickzone.com. Im hoping that papers like this will put this nonsense to bed about sea ice melting in the north. We had a freak occurrence with the temps in the arctic and now it is being spun as if the north pole is melting. Just go to Earth Null and look at surface temps and i promise you that they are well below freezing. Go to NoTRICKZONE Check them out.

Aurora borealis

I put this together because there seems to be confusion throughout the science community. Some say that Aurora Borealis are present because of high numbers of sunspots. But the reality is that we see these the most when Earth is getting blasted by solar winds that pour out of Earth facing coronal holes. Enjoy!

Why post Maria in Puerto Rico is in bad shape

We are now 5 months past Maria and the update is not good. I’ve discovered an article where this reporter took a trip to Puerto Rico to report on the recovery status and what he found was shocking(no pun intended) to say the least. Power lines are still down in many places. Power lines on the ground where kids walk to school! Utility poles that are rigged up with rope tied around trees are actually transferring energy. Puerto Rico is a US territory and I know damn well that we wont see down power lines in Massachusetts five months from now. . But its not all of FEMA’s fault either. Donald Trump faced some harsh criticism when he commented on the pre maria infrastructure of Puerto Rico being in bad shape. He was right though. This reported that there is evidence everywhere that preventive maintenance and other repairs have been neglected when it comes to the power authority there. Things like tree branches not trimmed back or even growing into the lines. Also, workers found a warehouse where things like new power lines were being hoarded by its local government so the had the material need, the just weren’t making the effort to keep up. So many fingers could be pointed at FEMA, but after you read this article, you will realize that there is plenty of blame for this clean up  process or lack of,on both FEMA and the local government of Puerto Rico.


Oroville Dam Update!

2017 was a year for the record books. Especially in California where Oroville dam had failed and a complete breech was feared. It was was in the news for several weeks as experts all over the world began to play Monday morning quarterback on what to do to repair the dam by its rainy season. (November) Thankfully, October,November and December were slow starts in California for rainfall and oddly enough, we are seeing heavy precipitation once again in California and along the Sierra Nevada and the North west coast as well. 6 feet of snow fell in the Sierra Nevada’s as warming temps could cause flooding concerns as well as some good rain chances as well for the region as a few strong low pressure systems will impact the west coast by Sunday, March 11th 2018.

Here is an article I found from January of 2018 that gives the latest on the Oroville dam as once again heavy rain and floods will be a concern in the region in the coming days.

OROVILLE DAM SPILLWAYS: Construction update for January 26th