Blue Moon Tonight!


RARE DOUBLE BLUE MOON: There’s a full Moon tonight, and according to modern folklore, it’s a Blue Moon–the second full Moon in a calendar month. Maximilian Teodorescu sends this picture of the waxing orb from Bucharest, Romania:

The full-sized image is impressive–made more so by the fact that this is a rare “double Blue Moon.”

We’ve already had one Blue Moon in January 2018, a month bookended by full Moons on the 2nd (02:24 UTC) and 31st (13:27 UTC). It’s happening again in March, with full Moons on the 2nd (00:51 UTC) and 31st (12:37 UTC). The last time two Blue Moons occurred in such quick succession was January and March of 1999.

What color will you see when the Moon rises tonight? Blue Moons don’t actually turn blue … except when they do. Go outside and take a look!

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Easter Sunday will bring snow



Welp, Its a good thing that the Easter bunny has fur because he will be traveling through snow from Sunday through Monday. Anywhere from 3-7″ of snow is possible from Oregon to Pennsylvania . Temps will plunge Sunday afternoon through the overnight hours supporting some accumulating snowfall for Sunday into Monday . Stay tuned fro more updates as the first half continues to show snow chances for these areas and more through mid April!

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The first super typhoon of 2018


Here is our first super typhoon of 2018. The storm has been named “Jelawat”. There were only two other named tropical cyclones this year. Tropical Storm “Bolaven” in January and Sanba (Basyang) in February..  Max winds were clocked at 150 mph with sustained winds of 75 mph – 85 mph. This storm is located 440 miles outside of Andersen Air force base. Here is the link for the full stats of the storm and impressive imagery on the radar :

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Russian Submarine gets stuck in melting arctic ice………….

I’m just going to leave this here for everyone to read. Remember how people like Paul Beckwith keeps saying that the ice is thinning at the arctic.. This submarine was designed to break up ice as thick as 2.5 meters.

US nuclear submarine gets stuck in Arctic ice, _deterring the Russians_ – Fort Russ

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Global Cooling

image pulled from

Robert Felix is another person that we highly recommend. From his website,, here is an article that clearly shows that February was cooler in many spots, He is also claiming that we are seeing continental cooling happening right before our eyes. The link is below:

Continental Cooling


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New report reveals a 23 year long pause in stratospheric temperature



photo by


Thanks to Anthony Watts at, he has wrote a blog about how this new study by the GWPF has two data sets that don’t add up. The satellite data forecast are coming in much higher than the surface data actually recorded. It also states that global warming was not the cause for increase for temps on the rise , but that a strong and natural El Nino was to blame . It also sites that the atmosphere is not behaving as many climate scientist say it should. He also points out that the troposphere is warming more slowly than the global warming theory and that the stratosphere has barley risen in the past 23 years. Here is the link to his blog and a link to the full report by the GWPF:

New report reveals a 23 year long pause in stratospheric temperature


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Pyroclastic flow at Shinmoedake volcano

Finally, this volcano has been constantly erupting since the beginning of March but on Sunday March 25th,2018, Shinmoedake sent plumes of gas and ash 16,000 feet into the air and created its first pyroclastic flow. This volcano has been very active over the past several years but throw this eruption into the pile of volcanoes that are becoming increasingly more active than ever .


photo credit :

Yeah that is an ash tornado …… Alert levels remain at 3 and people are still urged to stay away. Here is the link  to the full stats on this eruption:

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Tropical Cyclone Iris, expected to decay rapidly


photo pulled from


On March 24th, 2018, tropical cyclone “iris” formed south of the Solomon islands. This storm is moving south with sustained winds of only 45 mph with gust over 55 mph. This storm is expected to slowly strengthen over the next 24 hours but the increase vertical wind shear will be the reason why this storm rapidly decays. Here is the link for this storm that is passing between Australia and New Caledonia :


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New study suggests that a Maunder minimum type grand minimum is coming


Once again, we find another article the is confirming that not only are we going into a minimum, but possibly a Maunder minimum 2.0 or something to that effect. The thing that really catches my attention on this article is the part that talks about the unusual activity that we saw from the sun in September of 2017. It’s being said that usually , these rouge sunspots like the ones we saw in September of 2017, indicates in their research is the cause for maunder minimum type solar minimum. I’m now starting to agree about the claim that we will be cooling for the next 400 years. I wont be alive to see the entire cycle and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were actually heading towards the 1000 year long minimum that  many are predicting (Eddy Minimum). This paper goes on to say that scientist will know for sure within the next 2-3 years. Along with some convincing info from David( trusted source,the star man) about how he may have located the sunspot region that may kick off solar cycle 25 almost a full year earlier! Stay tunned as more information seems to be disclosed faster and faster. Here is the link to the paper:


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