Ice Ice April?

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Insert from :A powerful ice storm brought freezing rain and ice pellets to much of southern Ontario on April 14 – 15, causing power outages, fallen trees, flooding and an ‘almost unprecedented’ over 1600 collisions on slippery Toronto-area roads.

We had one hell of a weekend here in the northeast! First we started Friday with moderate rain, gears then quickly shifted on Saturday changing from rain to freezing rain. The ice accumulated through the evening here in Buffalo and overnight as well. It looks like our neighbors up north got the worst of this. Even though we were supposed to get a half inch of ice ourselves here in b=Buffalo, There  were over 100k people without power and over 1600 vehicle crashes also reported in the Ontario area.  No power outages to report here in Buffalo as city officials worked feverishly to get tree limbs trimmed back from power lines to help minimize power outages.

Rain has been the story here in western new York and Ontario. Over 2.50 inches fell in Ontario leading to floods and uprooted trees. Also high winds snapped power lines and trees as well. As this system wraps up (Xanto), western New York and company are now dealing with snow . The snow won’t stick around as temps have only hit the freezing mark for only a few hours. Side note: once again, The Royals baseball team has been affected once again as their game against the Toronto Blue Jays has been cancelled due to falling ice around the stadium.

Thankfully. we have limited precip to deal with here in the north eastern U.S for the rest of his week, but it is April and rain and thunderstorms are inevitable ..

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Alert! Severe Weather watches and warnings !


Here is a quick alert on our severe weather situation today. Remeber, some of these cities had snow accumulation two days ago!


From weather AP:


  • Forecast: Severe thunderstorms are expected from afternoon into the evening across a wide area, from east-central Texas northeastward to the lower and mid-Mississippi Valley, Tennessee Valley and Ohio Valley.
  • Threats: Damaging wind gusts, large hail and tornadoes are all threats. Localized flash flooding is also possible. Widespread damaging wind gusts could occur from eastern Arkansas, northern Mississippi and western/middle Tennessee northward to western/central Kentucky, far southern Illinois, southern Indiana and southwest Ohio.
  • Greatest Tornado Potential: The greatest chance of tornadoes is in an area from northeast Arkansas and northwest Tennessee to far southeast Missouri, western and central Kentucky, southern Illinois, southern Indiana and southwest Ohio. That said, isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out elsewhere in the red shaded area of the map below.
  • Cities: Little Rock | Memphis | Indianapolis | Cincinnati 

Tune in tonight at 7:30pm tonight for any and all updates on the grand solar minimum channel.


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Indiana Smashes April 1st snow records!

This was an honorable mention type story. On April 1st 2018, Indiana broke a snowfall record dating back to 1924 of 2″. Places like West Lafayette and Rossville had as much as 6″ fall while Lebanon,Indiana Received 4″ and 2″ in Indianapolis. Clink the link below for more on the snowfall plus a look ahead for severe weather in Indiana expected today into this evening.

PHOTOS | Easter ends with record-breaking snow in central Indiana

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More April snow!!!


From Gfs model

Don’t put away those winter coats and snow boots just yet! Oldman winter is going to have to be evicted it seems as we are looking at a weather map for April 6,2018. As you can see, there is a wide swath of snowfall expected across the United States. Some of us here in the Northeast are looking at 3 snowfall chances in the next 7-10 days. Temperatures will be cold enough to support snowfall but ground temps are not as cold, so anything that does fall, will have a tough time accumulating on streets and side walks. Many in the Northern plains however, have seen a late burst of snowfall and cold temps that should support accumulation and possible travel disruptions. Stay tuned to the grand solar minimum channel for continuous updates on this forecast  that almost seems to change on a daily basis. Crops are already delayed because of flooding, but lets not forget that we still need warmer temps for these seeds to do their thing in the fields all over the region. Welcome to the grand solar minimum…….

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Easter Sunday will bring snow



Welp, Its a good thing that the Easter bunny has fur because he will be traveling through snow from Sunday through Monday. Anywhere from 3-7″ of snow is possible from Oregon to Pennsylvania . Temps will plunge Sunday afternoon through the overnight hours supporting some accumulating snowfall for Sunday into Monday . Stay tuned fro more updates as the first half continues to show snow chances for these areas and more through mid April!

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Extreme hail in Texas!


As we reported last night, severe weather has blasted the south with the events beginning in Texas. 80 mph winds were recorded as some trees were taken down. Caldwell and Baker counties were hit with baseball sized hail where it is being reported that homes and cars have been damaged. This severe weather outbreak in the south continues through Tuesday. Check out the link below for the article and video footage of these storms in Texas.

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Co2 does not drive the climate



Robert Felix
Graph was obtained from


Check out an article on . Here you will find a video by Dr Chuck Weise ,who has a degree in “atmospheric science”, that gives us a presentation about the Man made lie about man made global warming. In a recent petition that has been signed by 31,000 scientist, these words were found quoted :

“There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will…cause catastrophic heating of the earth’s atmosphere.”

Robert Felix is an author as well and comes highly recommend when it come to the truth about our climate. Please go to his website and check out his content at and more on this presentation just mentioned.

Fraud – Man-Made Climate Change & CO2 – Video

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Oroville Dam Update!

2017 was a year for the record books. Especially in California where Oroville dam had failed and a complete breech was feared. It was was in the news for several weeks as experts all over the world began to play Monday morning quarterback on what to do to repair the dam by its rainy season. (November) Thankfully, October,November and December were slow starts in California for rainfall and oddly enough, we are seeing heavy precipitation once again in California and along the Sierra Nevada and the North west coast as well. 6 feet of snow fell in the Sierra Nevada’s as warming temps could cause flooding concerns as well as some good rain chances as well for the region as a few strong low pressure systems will impact the west coast by Sunday, March 11th 2018.

Here is an article I found from January of 2018 that gives the latest on the Oroville dam as once again heavy rain and floods will be a concern in the region in the coming days.

OROVILLE DAM SPILLWAYS: Construction update for January 26th

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This Nor’easter will be different


Here is an update for our next storm system along the north east coast line once again. Clean up for Riley has been started as news of another potentially dangerous Nor’easter. However, we are not expecting the strength of Riley in this storm. Power outages and downed trees can not be ruled out and the coastal flooding also will not match Riley levels but will still pack a punch with heavy wet snow and high winds along the coast instead of heavy snow further inland. We will keep our eyes on this as the snow track of this storm is still being tweaked. Here is the link to full story on winter storm Quinn.

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Get ready for Quinn


Ready or not , here comes Quinn. Millions were affected by Riley and clean up has barley begun. Its still early but the models are showing that this storm will make its way to the east coast by Wednesday- Thursday. Here is the latest on winter storm Quinn.

This winter storm is being fueled by a potent southward dip in the jet stream that has been dumping heavy snow over the Mountain West the last several days. That plunge of the jet stream will now march eastward across the rest of the country this week.

Winter Storm Quinn will punch out of the Rockies early this week, producing blizzard conditions in the northern Plains and spreading snow and wind through the upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

Quinn will also bring snow to the Northeast by midweek as a coastal low-pressure system develops.  Here is the link to the full article from

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