Here is the spring outlook for Europe


From accuweather : Link to article at the bottom.

The warmth of spring will be welcomed by many; however, it will come with an increased risk for severe weather and flooding in some parts of Europe.

An active weather pattern will result in several rounds of severe weather from Germany into Belarus and Ukraine, while the frequent precipitation will produce a high risk for flooding in the Balkan Peninsula.

A less stormy pattern will take hold across western Europe, allowing unseasonable warmth to build from Spain into France throughout the spring.

2018 Europe spring forecast: Severe storms to eye eastern, central areas; Warmth to grace UK to France, Spain

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Broome, Australia is under water again!!

I did a video on the massive amounts of rain it got(18.56 inches in one day) in January and Cyclone Kelvin dumped more rain to the region. In the last 50 days, Broome has seen enough rain, as much as their two year totals!! 59.1 inches by Feb.19th 2018. That shatters the old record of 42.31 inches set back in 1997(50 day span). This is usually their wettest part of the year but this is ridiculous. Still don’t think The grand solar minimum doesn’t mean anything to you? We will be talking about this region again for more record rainfall. Bet on that. Check out the article below :

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Brace yourselves Europe!!!

It appears our brothers and sisters in Europe are taking the brunt of this polar vortex. Temps are expected to plummet. An extended period of below average temps are set to impact Europe and the U.K. through early to mid march.

Recent Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event above the North Pole is about to channel in very cold Arctic air into large parts of Europe starting early next week. Very cold weather could extend into early March.

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Wanna see what volcanic ash does to crops?


As you can see, volcanic ash can be fatal to crops and other forms of life. Right now we have 36 active volcanoes and we really officially began the solar cycle 25 where the GSM begins to really settle in. If you have enough of these taking out local crops, think about what happens when one or two of these major volcanoes erupts.

We all know that the 1815 eruption at Tambora brought us a year with no summer and 3 years of additional cooling to the region. So, we are starting to see this with our own eyes and articles like this, are becoming more frequent. Here is an article from explaining the image above:

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Here is your Presidents day update!!

Today we did an update on our space weather, TSI and the flood concerns we have in the mid-west and eastern parts of the U.S. It will be a soaker for the next 6-8 days in the Indiana,Illinois, Missouri,Ohio,Kentucky and Tennessee to name a few. Pennsylvania and west Virginia will see some action as well in the late part of next week.

Our TSI has been slowly but steadily dropping over the past two weeks. Today I reported it at 1360.900. It has been slowly tumbling from 1361.112 down to 1360.900 as of 02-11-2018. Here is the link to our show today:

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Are we being censored?

It seems to me that you have to do a lot of digging for news articles when you want an update about volcanoes or earthquakes. Just today i put together a video on a rare tornado in Northern India, The village of Zira near Punjab. Thankfully i was able to find plenty of footage on twitter and other social media platforms. But if not for social media, would we even hear about these stories?

Trying to find updates on these volcanoes are like a scavenger hunt. Very vague and very limited information. What would be a good reason to hide these extreme weather events? Maybe its to ease panic or worry because over the last two years, Extreme weather is on the rise globally. The proof is in the pudding when you do find the info on whats to come. This Grand Solar Minimum officially kicks off in the next two years with solar cycle 25.

Either way, we here at the Grand Solar minimum channel, We will always bring you GSM News that matters and clearly shows the relevance on why we are reporting. We hope that the information you receive from us is clear and easy to follow. Feel free to email us at  for any requests or more clarification. Please allow a little time in between request as this channel continues to grow daily. Here is the footage on the tornado and the wild weather in Victoria,Australia.


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Gita one of the strongest cyclones to hit Tonga!

The Grand Solar Minimum channel put together a short video about cyclone Gita. Check out the full story here:

Tropical Storm “Gita” passed near Samoa and American Samoa on February 10 and 11 dropping heavy rain and causing flooding and widespread damage.

Gita reached Tonga on Monday evening, February 12, 2018 (local time) as Category 4 tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 231 km/h (144 mph) and gusts to 278 km/h (173 mph), leaving the entire main island of Tongatapu without power.

The cyclone will enter Fijian territory today, passing the Southern Lau Group on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 possibly strengthening to Category 5. 

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Over 265,000 lightning strikes!!

From our friends at Severe thunderstorms with gust over 100 mph, tennis ball sized hail and over 265,000 lightning strikes. 130,000 homes are without power.

Courtesey of :

A severe thunderstorm that hit the city of Brisbane, Queensland Sunday night (local time), February 11, 2018, left 130 000 homes without power, produced some 265 000 lightning strikes and dropped up to tennis ball-sized hail on the region. At least one person was injured after a lightning hit nearby home.


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