❄ We MUST PREPARE! John L Casey Presentation 2012 Global Cooling ☀

The evidence has been on the table for some time. The time for people to wake up is now!

This is a presentation John did several years ago.

He has committed his life to waking up the masses & we at GSM will do our best to help spread his very important message.

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John L. Casey is a former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts. Mr. Casey is the leading advocate in the US for a national and international plan to prepare for the next climate change to one of a dangerous cold climate era. This new cold era is caused by a historic decline in the Sun’s energy output, what he calls a “solar hibernation.” In the spring of 2007, he became the first researcher to announce this dramatic change in the Sun to the White House and the mainstream media. In addition to correctly predicting the hibernation of the Sun, recently confirmed by NASA and other science organizations, he has correctly predicted the end of global warming, and the long term decline in the Earth’s temperatures.

UPHEAVAL http://amzn.to/2Cn0jvY

DARK WINTER http://amzn.to/2CnInBk

COLD SUN http://amzn.to/2Erbz0a

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MUST SEE Mini Ice Age is Near! GSM- Media Highlight

This information must be shared! Please share!! *Will your children be prepared?* This documentary has been around for awhile and rounds it all up very well. We would like to thank SEAWAPA for their support getting this information out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcnr… Please subscribe to their channel as well! Thone Siharath founder of SEWAPA is about as innovative as the come. We are a community of individuals that are awake.

We support one another. *CHECK OUT OUR INTERVIEWS:* *JOHN L CASEY* https://youtu.be/QxGBoTLzrOk *VALENTINA ZHARKOVA* https://youtu.be/_wB46mgJrzI *DAVID DILLEY* https://youtu.be/iUlZ_IhEG_4 *ROLF WITZSCHE* https://youtu.be/cFAVnz52tNU GLOBAL FREEZING: http://seawapa.org/climate 15-year #miniIceAge of #SolarCycle25 seawapa.org/mia to start from 2021 (http://seawapa.org/timeline) as the sun prepares to ‘HIBERNATE’ (http://seawapa.org/solar). #IceAge seawapa.org/ia will follow during #SolarCycle26.

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Hualien Earthquake & Volcano News GSM


Nearly 3,000 servicemen take part in Hualien quake relief EARTHQUAKE efforts



Mount Agung erupts ash 4.5 km a.s.l., Alert Level remains at 3

Mount Agung erupted at 03:49 UTC on February 13, 2018, ejecting a column of ash up to 4.5 km (15 000 feet) above sea level, that’s 1.5 km (5 000 feet) above the crater. The eruption comes two days after authorities lowered Alert Level from 4 to 3, the second highest.

Earthquake swarm under dormant Furnas volcano, Azores

More than 100 earthquakes were registered under dormant Furnas volcano on the island of Sao Miguel, the Azores on February 11 and 12, 2018. The last eruption of this volcano was in 1630 (VEI 5). It was one of the largest Holocene explosive eruptions in the Azores and caused significant damage and fatalities.



A new volcanic activity is taking place at Devil’s Woodyard mud volcano in Trinidad and Tobago. The last eruption of this volcano took place in 1995, killing 1 person and leaving 31 families homeless.

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Snow , snow & more snow!

This Is just a brief review of some of the heavy snow we have had worldwide. You might want to put your boots on for this video….

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When Technology Fails & When Disaster Strikes


Bestselling author, engineer, designer, and green builder, Mat Stein was born and raised in Burlington Vermont. His parents started him walking on skis at age three, hiking at age 5, backpacking at age seven, hunting at age 10, rock climbing and extreme skiing at age 11. The Green Mountains of Vermont, White Mountains of New Hampshire, and the Adirondack’s of upstate New York were his four-season childhood playgrounds. Mat is a National Merit Scholar, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he majored in Mechanical Engineering, and reci

pient of the “Straight T Award,” MIT’s highest athletic honor. In 1978, the lure of the “real mountains” of the west drew Mat across the country to California.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” + Charles Darwin When Technology Fails is a book about our future. On the one hand, it is about preparing for possible future instabilities and failures in technology and the central services that we have come to rely upon for our daily sustenance and commerce. On the other hand, it is about awakening to the fact that we are all occupants of a fragile planetary ecosystem that is showing severe signs of strain from expanding global population and the business-as-usual ideal of continuously increasing consumption. When Technology Fails is a clear, useable, practical handbook. It provides basic information and instructions on widely ranging subjects falling under the loose guidelines of self-reliance, a sustainable future for our planet, and primitive living skills that could come in handy if you should someday find your self and family deprived of modern conveniences. Since one single book couldn’t possibly provide in-depth coverage for all of the relevant subjects, each chapter includes a resource guide to the best applicable literature, web sites and sources for materials. In today’s world of global warming, super-storms, record breaking floods, severe droughts, antiquated and overloaded electrical distribution systems, it is likely that most of us will see significant disruptions in the flow of electricity and goods at some point in our lives. An old Chinese saying asks, “Is it not already too late if one waits until one is thirsty to begin digging a well?” This saying applies equally at both the personal and planetary levels.

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Taiwan Hotel collapses shaken by Earthquake

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A magnitude-6.4 earthquake rocked Taiwan on Tuesday, damaging buildings and roads, authorities said.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was centered 13 miles north-northeast of Hualien, a city of more than 100,000 on Taiwan’s east coast. Photos and videos posted on social media show damaged roads and high-rise buildings.

Several buildings leaned drastically, collapsed or had their first floor crushed, the state-owned Focus Taiwan News Channel reported.

Military spokesman Chen Chung-chi told the news channel that 88 military members had been dispatched to aid the rescue missions, with 250 more expected to be sent soon.

The quake, at a depth of less than six miles, came two days after another strong temblor struck off Taiwan’s east coast.

Earthquakes are a fairly common occurrence in Taiwan, which sits on the boundary of two tectonic plates — the Philippine Sea Plate to the East and the Eurasian Plate.

The earthquake could be felt across Taiwan, Focus Taiwan News Channel reported





A hotel has collapsed after a shallow 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked eastern Taiwan late Tuesday, US geologists said, the latest in a string of quakes to have hit the region in recent days.

The quake hit at 23:50 pm (1550 GMT) around 21 kilometres (13 miles) northeast of the port city Hualien, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The government confirmed that a hotel had collapsed, but no further details were immediately available. Emergency services are working to free anyone trapped inside the building, media reports said.

The island’s weather bureau recorded the quake as 6.0-magnitude.

On Sunday, another five shallow tremors struck within two hours of each other in the same area off Taiwan’s east coast.

Taiwan lies near the junction of two tectonic plates and is regularly hit by earthquakes.

The island’s worst tremor in recent decades was a 7.6-magnitude quake in September 1999 that killed around 2,400 people.

More to follow…

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We discuss the different FACTS coming from multiple sources from around the world. We interview people behind the science of the Grand Solar Minimum like Valentina Zharkova, Rolf Witszche and John Casey. We strive for society to gain awareness of the changes that are taking place.

Our climate is changing and we as a human race need to make a shift and ADAPT to these changes weather we go into an ice age or not. We report on EXTREME WEATHER, Volcanos, Earthquakes Space News & Weather. We discuss atmospheric phenomena, charged particles, sun halos etc.

We give Solar updates, track TSI, the Magnetosphere, discuss sustainable living, growing nutritionally rich foods and much more!

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ANOTHER Storm of the Century !!

One killled, trees collapse in Moscow snow

Snowfall of the century: Record-breaking snow and freezing rain wreak havoc across Moscow

Heavy wet snow, strong winds and freezing rain are battering Russian capital Moscow since Saturday, February 3, 2018, damaging homes, trees and power lines, and causing hazardous driving conditions. At least one person has been killed and 5 injured as of Sunday morning, February 4. While the situation across the region is expected to worsen today, local media are already describing the event as ‘snowfall of the century.’ Meteorologists have appropriately dubbed it “Arctic invasion.”


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6.1 Earthquake Shakes Taiwan

Anyone living there…Did you feel it?
M 6.1 – 14km NNE of Hualian, Taiwan


At this time
NO fatalities reported
No Tsunami Threat

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