Nor-easrer ste to impact the Northeast part of the country

March 1st will come in with a bang for the Northeastern part of the country. We have had spring like temperatures in the region for the past several days . Looks like old man winter paid another months rent as this could bring a foot or more of heavy snow to the region. Here is an article from :

A rather unusual blocking pattern in place across much of the western hemisphere, from North America across the North Atlantic into Europe, will set the stage for a major nor’easter to form Thursday night, March 1, 2018, off the Mid-Atlantic coast. Strong winds and coastal flooding are major hazards from this event.

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Mt Sinabung

This is one of my favorite videos that I’ve laid my eyes on that has  been produced and edited by Mari. She works very hard on her productions and I believe this one is outstanding! Take a look :

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3 confirmed dead..

More Tragic news from the This article is an review of the flooding and damage as of the 23rd of February.  Many in the region have communicated that this flood is reminiscence of the flood of 1997. Rain continues to pound the southern US as the heaviest rain has pushed off to the east and much of the east and mid west should remain dry through Wednesday of next week before more rain moves into the region but does not indicate the duration of last weeks rain.

Here is the link to the article :

At least three people have died in widespread floods across central and southern United States over the past couple of days. Friday, February 23 will be another day with heavy rain which will further increase the risk of flash flooding and long-term flooding in the Southern Plains and the Lower/Mid-Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys. The NWS Weather Prediction Center has issued Moderate Risks for excessive rainfall for parts of these regions on Friday and into the weekend. Some areas may see an additional 100 – 130 mm (4 – 5 inches) of rain over the next 3 days.

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Deadly Tornado in Kentucky

So much damage from one tornado. Its been a very active weather pattern this winter for the mid west. Kentucky has had just about every kind of precipitation this February. Now parts of Kentucky are dealing with flood and tornado damage and its not even march.

Spring officially starts in less than 25 days but the weather pattern for the Ohio and Mississippi valley’s , are saying that spring is here.. Here is an article from :

At least three people have died and several went missing on Saturday and Sunday, February 25, 2018 as multi-day severe weather event continues across southern and central United States. This brings the total death toll since Tuesday, February 20 to six. If officially confirmed, February 24th will become the first day with a tornado-related death since May 16, 2017, ending the record streak without a tornado death at 263 days. Over 32 000 customers are without power across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Texas as of 08:00 UTC, February 25.

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I think its a big deal…

This is the highest that Cincinnati has seen the Ohio river since 1997. I’m mentioning this because the other day I received a message that said “so what, BFD. Snow melt and rain make it flood.” Sure it does, but this flood event is happening in the end of February, Not March or April as it usually does. Or does this mean since its flooding so early now that this will be a long spring and summer with plenty of rain and flooding?

I’m starting to wonder if people are starting to get desensitized on these major weather events because of how often we are experiencing them. Most of the time, a person who shrugs off such a flooding event, has never had to go through the whole flood/clean up process. Its not fun and a flood could change everything in your life. Especially for those who cant afford flood insurance. Now there are federal grants out there to help home owners but it doesn’t cover everything.

South bend Indiana officials are calling this the 500 year flood… But some of you say “BFD?” Lack of compassion and that kind of mentality will not be a path to success in the grand solar minimum.I wonder if this person would be saying that if they lost a home or a loved one due to any type of flood, let alone this historic flood event that is happening now. Rain stops for Monday and Tuesday but picks back up in the same region on Wednesday and beyond.

Be vigilant, be kind, try to be good to each other because you’ll never know when something like this will impact you and then you might need someone to lean on or ask a stranger for help. It humbles you and you become more appreciative for what you have and gives you some compassion when other folks are going through some very difficult times due to the flooding or any type of disaster.

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Here is the spring outlook for Europe


From accuweather : Link to article at the bottom.

The warmth of spring will be welcomed by many; however, it will come with an increased risk for severe weather and flooding in some parts of Europe.

An active weather pattern will result in several rounds of severe weather from Germany into Belarus and Ukraine, while the frequent precipitation will produce a high risk for flooding in the Balkan Peninsula.

A less stormy pattern will take hold across western Europe, allowing unseasonable warmth to build from Spain into France throughout the spring.

2018 Europe spring forecast: Severe storms to eye eastern, central areas; Warmth to grace UK to France, Spain

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